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Student Health Advisory Committee

Be a part of a team that brings STUDENT INPUT to important healthcare decisions on campus: the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)!

SHAC advises the UCM Student Health Center and advocates for UCM students on student health insurance for the UC system, UC SHIP.

What you'll get:

  • A deep understanding of the healthcare needs of college students
  • A window into how health insurance works
  • Networking opportunities with leaders and students interested in healthcare
  • Resume material that shows participation in a campus committee

What you'll do:

  • Advocate for health insurance benefits important to UCM students
  • Participate in monthly meetings
  • Get input from fellow students on key decisions
  • Learn student health insurance policies, trade-offs, and use (orientation is provided)
  • Join SHAC for a two-year term

Who can join?

  • Students who have UC SHIP
  • Any academic major
  • Undergraduate or Graduate

When can I apply?

SHAC is currently accepting applications. For information, please email: and indicate SHAC application in the subject line.