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    To Drink or not To Drink? 09.02.2015
    Being a college student here at UC Merced means being faced with the responsibility to make decisions regarding your health and safety. An example of a situation that you may encounter in college is having to make decisions regarding alcohol use.

    Irresponsible alcohol use can have serious consequences:
    • More than 1800 college students die each year from alcohol related unintentional injuries
    • More than 600,000 students are unintentionally injured each year while under the influence of alcohol
    • Irresponsible alcohol use can also lead to sexual abuse, unsafe sex, assault, drunk driving, and academic problems.
    Abstaining from alcohol is always the safest choice to make, but if you do decide to drink, there are some things you can do to decrease your risk of alcohol-related harm:
    • Avoid drinking games
    • Know your limits of alcohol consumption, set your limit and keep track of your alcohol consumption
    • Eat before and while you are drinking
    • Always have a designated driver
    • Alternate non-alcoholic drinks with those containing alcohol
    If you think you may have a problem with alcohol please make an appointment at the Student Health Center at 209-228-2273
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