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TB Risk Screening Requirements

The deadline for Fall 2017 is Wednesday, August 23. Please follow the instructions to complete your requirement.

Below are details on how to comply with the TB Risk Screening mandate included in the new UC Immunization Requirement. Note that all new students must also complete the Immunization Requirement form.

Steps to completing the TB screening questionnaire:

  1. Go to myHealth.

  2. Access your forms. From the patient portal homepage, click the "Forms" link in the left sidebar to go to your available forms.

  3. Open your TB Risk Questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of a few simple questions to help us assess your risk of TB. There is nothing to prepare in advance.

  4. Submit your TB Risk Questionnaire. After you have answered the Yes/No questions you may submit your form. You cannot change the information after it has been submitted.

All incoming students must complete a TB risk screening questionnaire. Students identified as being at increased risk for tuberculosis must follow the instructions for tuberculosis testing and clearance including obtaining their healthcare provider’s signature on the TB Health Assessment Form attesting to the student being free of active tuberculosis disease. The signed form is then uploaded and sent to the immunization nurse through the myHealth portal prior to the first day of classes. TB Screening must be current and within the last 12 months. (Higher risk includes travel to or living in South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East; prior positive TB testing; or exposure to someone with active TB disease.)

If you have any questions please consult our FAQ page.

Ready to begin? Go to myHealth.