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Minor Consent


Consent to Treat Minors


All minors under the age of 18 must have consent provided by a parent or legal guardian in order for Student Health Service to render medical care (with exceptions for emergencies and as provided by California state law).

See the chart below to determine when parental consent is required.


If a Minor (all persons under 18 years) is: Is parental consent required?
Unmarried, no special circumstances Yes
Unmarried, emergency care and parents not available No
Married or previously married No
Emancipated (declaration by court, identification card from DMV) No
Self-sufficient (15 or older, not living at home, manages own financial affairs) No
Not married, care related to birth control or treatment of pregnancy, except sterilization No
Not married, seeking abortion No
On active duty with Armed Forces No
12 or older, care for communicable reportable disease or condition, including sexually transmitted disease No
12 or older, care for rape No
Care for sexual assault No
12 or older, care for mental health treatment, outpatient only No
12 or older, care for alcohol or drug abuse No