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UC SHIP is a self-funded comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance program designed to provide convenient and affordable access to medical care, mental health services, dental care and vision care beyond what is available on campus through SHS and CAPS. UC SHIP also covers certain services at the student health center like prescriptions, immunizations and durable medical equipment.

UC SHIP meets all federal Affordable Health Care regulations.
IRS 1095B

All the information can be found at the UC SHIP web site for our campus. UC SHIP medical insurance coverage is provided by Anthem Blue Cross.

UC SHIP benefits Summary
Minimum Essential Coverage Notice
UC Ship & Regulatory Compliance FAQs

On campus medical and mental health are offered by Student Health and Counseling Services at the Student Health and Wellness Center. Dental and Vision services are not available on campus, but are available in the Merced community through network providers.

UC SHIP Medical Benefits
are provided by Anthem Blue Cross 866-940-8306

To Register online at Anthem Blue Cross please visit: Online Registration
UC SHIP Vision Benefits
are provided by Anthem Blue Cross (Blue View Vision Insight) 866-940-8306
UC SHIP Dental Benefits
are provided by Delta Dental 800-765-6003
Delta Dental Evidence of Coverage

To Register online at Delta Dental please visit: Online Registration
Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Enrollment & Eligibility (WFIS) 800 853-5899
Optum Pharmacy (formerly Catamaran) 844-265-1879

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Important Note

There is a $200 per plan year deductible for some medical services provided outside of SHS. Services that require the deductible are noted below. If providers or facilities are used that are not part of the Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer Provider Network, claims will be paid at 60% of the non-Network charged fees (customary and reasonable), which is often significantly lower than the Network rate. For example, 90% coverage of the Network rate is going to be less costly to the patient than 60% coverage of the non-Network fees.

Students are responsible for no more than $3,000 of out-of-pocket expenses each plan year. If you have paid $3,000 in co-insurance for in-network services (excluding deductibles, Pharmacy co-payments, and other co-payments such as office visits), you will no longer be required to pay co-insurance for the remainder of the plan year. The out-of-pocket maximum does not apply to amounts exceeding stated service benefit limits or to services not covered by the plan. UC SHIP has an Unlimited lifetime maximum, no pharmacy cap and no cap on essential benefits. Dependent plans are available for spouses, domestic partners and/or children of UC Merced students. You may purchase medical only or medical, dental and vision.

Pharmacy Benefits

Catamaran is your pharmacy benefit administrator for the University of California Student Health Insurance Program (UC SHIP). For the 2015-2016 plan year, Catamaran will manage your pharmacy benefits with the goal to make getting well and staying well easy. Below is some important information to help you understand this transition to Catamaran.

Your new ID cards

Once you have been enrolled for the plan year, you may access your ID card at or the Catamaran Mobile App. Print and show your ID card when you pick up a prescription to pay the lowest price for your medication. Your ID card also has contact information should you have any questions about your pharmacy benefits. If you encounter a problem with being recognized in Catamaran’s system, please contact Anthem Blue Cross to verify enrollment in the plan.

Get help online and on-the-go!
Forgot your ID card at home? No problem! Get the Catamaran Mobile App and register with your student ID number—just scan the code on the Catamaran Mobile App Form to start the download. This app will provide you with the information a pharmacy needs to fill your prescription, along with other great tools that can help you learn about your pharmacy benefit and the other services we provide.

There is also helpful information located on the UC SHIP website, where you can find information regarding the Catamaran website, the mobile app, prescription copays, how to find a network pharmacy and what medications are on the formulary.

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